Farvel København (for now)


It’s always so strange leaving a city you could see yourself loving if only given the time. Even the mere four days I stayed in Copenhagen built within me such strong connections to specifics—the colors of Nyhavn, the perpetually packed corner cafés, the wide open squares, the characteristic church and palace spires, Rebekka’s hospitality, the statue of H.C. Andersen and his grave near my own room—that I found myself saying goodbye to them one by one. Waving from the train. Promising my heart that I’d be back. (Tivoli won’t be open till April 14th. I can’t just NOT see Tivoli, right? Right.)

I still have some digesting to do, stories of which I promise will come after my return from Scandinavia. But for now, enjoy the best of Copenhagen. Here are (some of) my favorite pictures of the last four whirlwind days.

One of the most iconic places in Copenhagen. And rightly so.


I accidentally ran into a changing of the guards sometime on Friday afternoon.

Changing of the Guards at Amalienborg Palace

Bekky showed me the Botanical Gardens on our day out…they should be absolutely stunning come summertime, with everything in bloom.

Botanical Garden

Descending Rundetårn, where from the top you can have one of the best panoramic views of the entire city.

Rundetårn Tower

Inside the big domed cathedral near Amaliehavn. Reminded me so much of St. Paul’s.

Inside the Marmorkirken (Marble Church)

And, of course, the symbol of Denmark, gazing out to sea. Despite the bad rap all the locals give her, she was definitely worth the afternoon walk.

The Little Mermaid

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