Natural History Museum & Portobello Road


I am happy to report that I have fully recovered from last night! So I went to my EUSA meeting to discuss my interview next week and get specifics. Apparently the commute is kind of lengthy, but when it comes to commuting around one of the greatest cities in the world, I really don’t have much to complain about. So between EUSA and my newsletter meeting today, Melissa and I went to the Natural History Museum! You know, that gorgeous building that can be seen right outside my window. The museum was beautiful, vast, and the best part about it: it was absolutely free. Like most of the museums in London.

The stunning foyer when you walk in.

And more when you turn around towards the entryway.

They had a big dinosaur exhibit, of course, complete with babies!

Anyone familiar with Jurassic Park would understand this reference:

They also had these robotic velociraptors and a T-Rex that looked pretty cool and lifelike. But I took videos of those, which take up too much bandwidth on here. Anyways, MOVING ON.

And a life-size whale room with other marine life and land mammals.

Who can forget the okapis!

After my second meeting, we popped over to Portobello Road in Notting Hill to browse the shops and the remains of the market, both of which closed entirely too early for my taste (around 5:30/6pm).


We found a cute little street with colorful houses!

And the residence of George Orwell.

I didn’t buy anything, but made a note to return. We walked all the way through to the end, and waited for the Tube to go back home.

One thought on “Natural History Museum & Portobello Road

  1. Hm, this kind of reminds me of the MOMA, however the foyer is much more than anything the MOMA could ever hope to be. While yes it does have a life-size t-rex skeleton in it, the cathedral architecture is simply breathtaking. I’m rather envious!

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