good things


Signs it is sure to be a good day (~1:15pm):
– Found £5 on the way to work
– Nick put on Merriweather Post Pavilion this morning, an album I haven’t been able to listen to since coming to London because it never transferred over to my new Macbook.
– Internet didn’t connect, so we all got sent home at noon
– So free bedroom for the day while my roommates are still at their internships
– All my internship applications are out
– Journalism advisor has already approved my internship credits
– My iPod is synching to my computer and therefore ALIVE (for now)
– Am rediscovering American Idiot

Edit (9:41pm)
Sign that it is STILL a good day (but not without consequences):
– Had a 45 minute phone call with James about getting together again. Pro: could potentially hang with him and see any combination of the Lake District, Liverpool, Scarsborough, Whitby. Con: he can only hang out the weekend I booked Oxford. Dilemma: scrap my £17 Oxford/Cotswolds ticket to see him, or go to Oxford/Cotswolds and not see him. OR book Oxford another day and spend more money to see it by myself, having to skip the Cotswolds altogether. Conclusion: a serious sacrifice must be made.

Right now, my mind is swimming with packing and getting ready for Scotland Take 2. Hopefully strange people will agree to take my picture, since I’m traveling solo. Also, should I stoop to buy Twilight for the bus ride? More indecision to come tomorrow. Lindsey signing off.

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