Ice Skating!


Today, I do believe, was a fine day. The internship part wasn’t so great, because I’ve run out of plays to cover (Christmas season is bad for theatre). When I got home, I took my coupons to Subway and got a 6′ sub for free! Then I went ice skating with Ciara and Priam at the National History museum, and it was FANTASTIC. I’d forgotten how much I love skating, even though I’m still amateur. Most pictures are of us, because really, how many interesting angles are there of a rink?

Us before our 21:00 session.

The rink getting prepped.

I like how the rink makes everything look blue and icy and winter wonderland-y.

Skating! (the action shot)


Ciara and I also bought the official photo taken of us on the ice, which looks so good! I might frame it.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. I came home to find out that I scored an interview with STUFF Magazine for the spring semester internship position! So excited for the opportunity. Life back in Boston is lookin’ good.

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