A walker’s Copenhagen: the humble and the picturesque


Being pressed for time is never easy, especially when one has so much to tell yet so much sleep to acquire. This one is going to be just a clean, visual guide to Denmark’s capital. Hopefully, as clean and as visual as the city is itself.

This is just what I’ve stumbled on in the last three days; things noticed, I think, only by fresh eyes. These are no great landmarks, no highlights in a travel guidebook, and no recognizable names. These are, simply, a walker’s Copenhagen.

Where color is a subtle thing of beauty.

An open square, somewhere.

A park, somewhere else.

The Danish are, above all else, a bike culture.

A loss of symmetry. A gain of the picturesque. Also, current header for the win!

Building graffiti.

A bridge of sighs.

Hans. Christian. Andersen.

A scene from a secret garden.

And, among everything I’ve seen so far, one of my personal favorites.

Farvel for now.

2 thoughts on “A walker’s Copenhagen: the humble and the picturesque

    1. Thank you! Such is Copenhagen; it’s not hard to take good pictures with gorgeousness like that everywhere you turn.

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