Panoramic tour & Tower of London


No pictures yet, but I took them! I just have to get Melissa to upload them and hand them over. Today, I took a bus trip on a Panoramic tour of London! We drove all over, which was really nice because I saw places in London that were wonderful and interesting to see but nothing I would go out of my way to walk to.

EDIT: Pictures added!
We stopped by St. Paul’s Cathedral which was overwhelming but magical. The bells were ringing as our tour guide led us to the front. It reminded me of Notre Dame (which, honestly, I have an unbelievable desire to see).

So we did that, went to Starbucks (yes, yes, I know, it was cold!), then walked along the Millennium Bridge.

Post-Starbucks. Very happy.

Then we went around to Buckingham Palace where we were able to see the second half of the changing of the guard, and more fuzzy hats.

THEN we went to Covent Garden where there is a sweet market that really resembled Faneuil Hall. We saw street performers and cute little cupcake shops.

We ate Paella for lunch. It was DELICIOUS.

After lunch, we took the bus to the real event of the day: The Tower of London.


There is a picture of me as a ghost! (Who was actually acting quite silly) But kind of hard to see. Anyways, I walked forever along the tower walls and up and down spiral staircases: clogs were a bad choice. But the ravens were cool.

Alas, too short to be a guard.

But then all was well when me and the roommates had a ham tortellini and spinach ravioli dinner together. Tomorrow: art history class and then an actual INSIDE tour of Buckingham Palace. Whoo!

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