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For someone who’s never really avidly read British newspapers, I don’t know whether to be shocked or just plainly tickled and satisfied that they are still writing news about the Beatles.

And now, for the rest of the night, She Loves You will be on repeat in my head.

Lack of pictures will be made up for in words, so bear that in mind when you read these very long and mundane entries about nothing special.

So today I had my first AH388 class with Caroline—she’s lovely. She knows so much about such a broad range of art genres. She’s especially interested in the Dutch genre painters (which is really my favorite style) so I think we were made for each other. She took us to the British Museum where we saw the Rosetta Stone and the vast scene of low reliefs from the Parthenon. We spent about two hours there so I obviously am going back to see the rest of it. Sadly, no pictures, for reasons previously mentioned.

Then I had to take a trip to High Street Kensington just so the Sony Centre guys could tell me that I had to take my camera elsewhere. So I took the tube from High Street to Earl’s Court and back down to West Kensington and took a trip down a lower class part of the city to get to where I needed to be. £20 just so they could look at my camera. The outrage! Then I went back to my apartment to have lunch and do some reading and catch up on downtime. I took a very long nap and had dinner later (rice and a steak/mushroom/red wine pot pie) with people. And during the rest of the night, I
– iChatted with Eric and the rest of the family. Hi family!
– read some of my journalism readings
– surfed the net
– made a list of things to buy (againnn)
– wrote this entry

Really, I lead such a fabulous life.

Tomorrow: AH388 class with a trip to the National Gallery, then Buckingham Palace (for real this time), and maybe some shopping and a tiny homework sesh before possibly going out.

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  1. it’s probably a bit more over there, but the beatles are getting a lot of coverage over here too. The new rock band game is making the radio stations play beatles music every other song

    1. Yeah, I thought it might have been because of the game. But there have been features in magazines and their faces are splashed over a bunch of big name newspapers here, and have been for more than a few days. I think a small mania has resurfaced! (Plus, not much big news has been going on)

      1. haha yeah. There is a small mania over here too. Besides the game the beatles have been on the cover of rolling stone and entertainment weekly. They also just had a vh1 special. Love you and miss you. ❤

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