Buckingham Palace


Just so I can post before today turns into tomorrow! I will expound later. Today I had AH class again and we went to National Gallery. Then Melissa and I went to Buckingham Palace. Then we went home and I ate some grilled cheese and took a long nap. Then we went to Tesco Express to buy groceries and I splurged on some Chocolate Fudge Brownie! For dinner I ate an apple, some grapes and carrots, then some ice creammmm. Then we went out with Antoine to the Imperial Pub, where I got a Snake Bite (mmmm). Then we came back to have a glass of wine. Note: I NEED TO GO SHOPPING. THEY HAVE THE BEST CLOTHES HERE. Pictures obviously later. Camera Clinic STILL hasn’t gotten back to me on the status of my camera 😦

EDIT: Pictures from the Palace!
We weren’t allowed to take any inside, so we took some when we went out the back.


The gardens in back were beautiful. Obviously.


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