Food, London

Our big family (of 15!) cooked the most adorable Thanksgiving any American spending the holiday in Britain could hope for ❤ We all set up in one kitchen and had turkey, two kinds of stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes and mashed, two kinds of salad, gravy, cranberry sauce, various red and white wines, asparagus, baguettes, garlic bread, centerpieces, and flatmate love! For dessert, there were mud pies, apple pie, pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, and mulled wine ❤ So sad to have missed out on the Connecticut festivities and Mommy’s stuffing and gravy, but I think we did a very good job for ourselves.

more markets

London, Markets

Melissa and Alison and I went to Portobello Market and the Christmas Market in Hyde Park today, despite the rain. Both were full of people and weeping children and general chaos. We also needed to do some ticket picking-up for the girls, but by the time it turned 3:30 I was feeling so crappy and tired I had to go home 😦 And slept until 8. It is not fun wasting a weekend night in the room, but I really haven’t been feeling well the past few days. Tired all the time, hazy vision, delayed brain registration. I just want to sleep through the rest of November. Good news: I have a nice package that needs opening! More tomorrow.

Markets galore

London, Markets

Today it poured rain during my art class, where we wandered to Regent’s Park and Camden Town. Finishing an hour early let Ciara and I browse the glorious stalls at Camden Market–always pretty clothes, but never anything worth purchasing. Then a group of us (Melissa, Megan, Keely, Michelle, and I) walked through Borough Market near the London Bridge. So much delicious, fresh food. So tempting! But I saved money instead. Then Melissa and I plowed on to the Southbank for the opening day of the Cologne Christmas Market. So many lights and ornaments and cinnamon smells made the night shimmer. We ooh’d and ahh’d and got free Glühwein (German mulled wine) which fogged my glasses and warmed my insides. Then we headed back to conduct a massive clean-up of our room. I contemplated Christmas gifts. I ate bananas. I sorted my papers. Through the massive migraine and foggy headcold, I managed to turn a potentially blah day into a busy and productive one. London, I do love your festivities and your diversity. I only wish I could experience your Christmas.


Geeky Obsessions, London

No big story for today. Went to work till six and ate too many McVitie’s Hobnobs. Then came home and had a nice long, much-needed chat with my boy, who never ceases to amaze me ❤ And then I ate pasta and tried to persuade Antoine to travel with me to Wales. Then talked with the parents about London LIFE before bed. Hopefully tomorrow proves a much more exciting day—Guy Fawkes day! Which I TOTALLY forgot about. Bonfires and fireworks to come. And pictures to flaunt. Night.

Worlds Collide

Geeky Obsessions, London

Work was CRAZY busy today. Apparently, I’m in charge of the entire Theatre section on CultureCritic and it became a day full of research, writing and editing copy, gathering reviews, uploading profiles, contacting press departments, and keeping track of Twitter feeds. I’m almost starting to regret being so upset earlier about this job. I spoke up and they gave me a position chock-full of experience.

And after work, and texts and phone calls, I got to meet Bekky! We walked around and ended up at a Tandoori Indian restaurant and ate some delicious grub (chicken tikka with naan) and then found ourselves in Starbucks ordering Vanilla Chais (which she paid for and made me wibble) and sitting to chat. And we talked about everything–from literature and poetry to university, our cultures and their stereotypes, relationships, London, and everything inbetween. And I know you will read this eventually, so I just wanted to say that you were beautiful and wonderful and it was so, so great to finally meet you. Our conversation was lovely and I apologize for talking so much–I was just so excited and had so much to say!

One day I will visit Copenhagen, and hopefully we will have a chance to catch up again.

Tomorrow, internship till six then out to Oxford Circus with Melissa to see the Christmas lights get turned on! And pictures during the week? Impossible! But going to happen.