London, Theater

Saw Oliver! by myself tonight. I do the whole being alone thing very well, except for the food part. I pig out to keep busy. Maybe I have an oral fixation—I should probably invest in some gum. Anyways, I do so love that musical. Sat in the cheap seats and didn’t get upgraded, which was a bummer, but still worth what I paid.

I tried FOREVER to figure out who was playing Oliver and the Artful Dodger, even slipping £1 in to get some plastic binoculars by my seat. Only through extensive research today did I find out that Gwion Wyn-Jones was Oliver and Robert Madge the Dodger. Not that that means anything to you lot.

The first song and its choreography sent chills through my spine. Food Glorious Food! Makes me so nostalgic, remembering what I thought of England when I was that age, before I came here. Even the muck and grime seemed like a magical world I would never reach. And now here I am, watching it on stage, hearing that old record being performed live. I need to get the soundtrack on my iTunes! God, I am SO 21st century.

Work went as usual, except I got to leave an hour early to make a Cultureshock post office run. So getting to Covent Garden over an hour early left me wandering the streets. Unfortunately, the Jack Wills store there still eludes me. I don’t believe I am destined EVER to find it. Perhaps tomorrow will be the day, when I go back with Melissa to do a bit of shopping. Money keeps seeping through my bank account like sand through my fingertips.

Listening to Forget And Not Slow Down. Again. It’s gaining momentum The Bird And The Bee Sides style, and that’s saying something. I’m really digging the whole intro/outro technique, and the blended back-to-back tracks. Ahhh it’s like American Idiot, except not a teenage phase.

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