last full day in london

Churches, London, Museums

And I spent the morning in bed! Most of the rest involved packing and cleaning. I just got back from a tiny stroll through the Natural History Museum. Discovered things I never did before, although I lived across it for four months.

A collage of sorts of birds.

The statues.

And into the Earth sector.

The psychedelic ecology corridor.

A wall of screens.

Afterwards, Melissa and I went on a walk from Temple to St Paul’s and back down to Westminster Bridge for one last look at Westminster by night.

A booth view by Temple.

The last view of St Paul’s.

A walk across the Millennium Bridge.

A festive National Theatre.

And a gorgeously colorful aquarium by the Eye.

Back home, we warmed up from the frigid cold before heading off for our end-of-the-journey clubbing extravaganza at O’Neill’s, our place of choice. SO good and fun, as always. Sad to leave. Wish it wasn’t the end. Tomorrow morning will be watching the sunrise off Waterloo Bridge before heading to the airport 😦

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