AH381: final class

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Not a good day, not a good night. Wish I was tired so I could sleep through to tomorrow.

Although, my last architecture class was nice. We took a great walk through the business side of London.

Tower Bridge in the morning. So pretty!

A view of the Tower of London from the back.

We stumbled upon a piece of the old Norman/Roman wall, tucked in a corner. Kind of cool.

Then we took a journey to see 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) up close. It is one crazy piece of architecture.

At the base. See the festive trees?

Old London and new London. The most eclectic city in the world.

A crazy building that I forgot the name of.

And its neat reflection.

Leadenhall Market.

The Bank of England.

And our final stop: St Paul’s, complete with another festive tree! LOVE London and its decorations. A tree in the front.

And a tree in the back!

It was sad saying thank you and goodbye to Caroline, our wonderful professor. I will miss her and our chats about London, art, and life. Afterwards, I ate lunch with Owen at Pret Á Manger (as popular a location as Starbucks here) before heading home to nap.

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  1. actually you can change the date of your entry if you missed a day and want to make the date match up with the day you did something on. i dunno if that’s what you’re talking about. but when you’re writing a new long post, in the box where you can hit preview or publish, you can change the date.

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