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London, Markets

Melissa and Alison and I went to Portobello Market and the Christmas Market in Hyde Park today, despite the rain. Both were full of people and weeping children and general chaos. We also needed to do some ticket picking-up for the girls, but by the time it turned 3:30 I was feeling so crappy and tired I had to go home 😦 And slept until 8. It is not fun wasting a weekend night in the room, but I really haven’t been feeling well the past few days. Tired all the time, hazy vision, delayed brain registration. I just want to sleep through the rest of November. Good news: I have a nice package that needs opening! More tomorrow.

Markets galore

London, Markets

Today it poured rain during my art class, where we wandered to Regent’s Park and Camden Town. Finishing an hour early let Ciara and I browse the glorious stalls at Camden Market–always pretty clothes, but never anything worth purchasing. Then a group of us (Melissa, Megan, Keely, Michelle, and I) walked through Borough Market near the London Bridge. So much delicious, fresh food. So tempting! But I saved money instead. Then Melissa and I plowed on to the Southbank for the opening day of the Cologne Christmas Market. So many lights and ornaments and cinnamon smells made the night shimmer. We ooh’d and ahh’d and got free Glühwein (German mulled wine) which fogged my glasses and warmed my insides. Then we headed back to conduct a massive clean-up of our room. I contemplated Christmas gifts. I ate bananas. I sorted my papers. Through the massive migraine and foggy headcold, I managed to turn a potentially blah day into a busy and productive one. London, I do love your festivities and your diversity. I only wish I could experience your Christmas.

Thames River Festival

London, Markets

Today, I went to get my fixed camera! ❤ Then Melissa and I went to the Thames River Festival, which had all these really neat kiosks and stands that sold handmade jewelry and bags and accessories etc. It was BUSY.

I splurged and bought a £35 top that is gorgeous and adorable… and probably doesn’t fit me as well as the 6 foot tall girl who was selling it. But hopefully it will look cooler when I wear it back home. There were sand artists doing really cool things on the side of the Thames.

And we wandered through the streets and found some cool sightings. I found this Banksy-knockoff (unless it actually IS by Banksy, but you can never really tell) work of art on one of the walls.

We found and participated in a wine tasting which was alright, but earned me an ugly red stamp on the back of my hand. The London Bridge had lots of cool organic foods and halfway through turned into a hayloft. Kids were throwing bits of straw everywhere and making a mess. It was really bizarre.

At the end of the afternoon, a beautiful sunset over the Thames.


Then we took the Tube home only to rush to get ready to go out again for a free night out at a club called Pep-C, which turned out to be WAY BELOW the hype. It was full of well-dressed pretentious and unattractive people who either danced and were gross or looked okay but wanted nothing to do with you. So I pretty much left at midnight and called it a night. You live and learn, I guess, and I got a free night out of it. Pictures tomorrow, when I visit Brighton!