Mark visits: Day Four

Architecture, Churches, Iconic Sights, London, Markets, Pubs

Today, I took him to see St. Paul’s Cathedral which is only open to the visiting public on Sundays. You’re not allowed to take pictures inside, but it is gorgeous enough to be worth the visit.

Then we walked across Millennium Bridge to see Shakespeare’s Globe, and found this weird vegetable woman chilling out on the walkway.

We took a trip to Covent Garden to see the shops and street performers and saw Melissa and her friend Alison. Mark and I decided to buy delicious pasties at the Cornish Pasty shop there (I got lamb & mint, he got steak & stinton). They were so good. While waiting at Ben’s Cookies to get myself some chocolate goodness, we met Zach and Irene (from Boston! We all worked together) and traveled to Whittard’s to get ourselves some free tea samples before heading to Leicester Square. We stopped in a really cool (and famous?) pub called the Lamb and Flag.

Drinking a pint at an historic pub: check.

After parting ways, we continued our stroll to Trafalgar to see the sun setting.


Tonight, we deciding to head back, order pizza, and veg out. Another good day.

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