Worlds Collide

Geeky Obsessions, London

Work was CRAZY busy today. Apparently, I’m in charge of the entire Theatre section on CultureCritic and it became a day full of research, writing and editing copy, gathering reviews, uploading profiles, contacting press departments, and keeping track of Twitter feeds. I’m almost starting to regret being so upset earlier about this job. I spoke up and they gave me a position chock-full of experience.

And after work, and texts and phone calls, I got to meet Bekky! We walked around and ended up at a Tandoori Indian restaurant and ate some delicious grub (chicken tikka with naan) and then found ourselves in Starbucks ordering Vanilla Chais (which she paid for and made me wibble) and sitting to chat. And we talked about everything–from literature and poetry to university, our cultures and their stereotypes, relationships, London, and everything inbetween. And I know you will read this eventually, so I just wanted to say that you were beautiful and wonderful and it was so, so great to finally meet you. Our conversation was lovely and I apologize for talking so much–I was just so excited and had so much to say!

One day I will visit Copenhagen, and hopefully we will have a chance to catch up again.

Tomorrow, internship till six then out to Oxford Circus with Melissa to see the Christmas lights get turned on! And pictures during the week? Impossible! But going to happen.

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