Egg & Peter Pan

London, Nightlife

Interview went wonderfully. Shopped at Primark and H&M. Got some cute stuff. Then went clubbing at Egg. Met Michael, a Londoner born Romanian who adores Tolkien and thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy. Talked about Romanian men being perverts but the country as a place needing to be traveled to. Also made a point of remembering my name = <3. Tall and skinny with swept hair to the side, covering most of his face, white t-shirt, tight jeans. Way back home was too cold. Took the bus but got off early. Met Jamie, a blonde and perfect looking gay 18 year old from Wimbledon who escorted us to Piccadilly Circus. He had a Waldo shirt on (he made it himself) and a big bulky brown suitcase from which he extracted a jean jacket for me to wear. He used to practice ballet, but hurt his back and couldn’t do it anymore, so now he works at a bar and will soon be going to Disneyland to be Peter Pan! (Side note: I later suspected he might have been lying to cover his real identity: He kept jumping up and down and laughing at how American we were and how British people were just as rude and loud. People we meet here are SO exciting. I just wish I had more time with them other than a drunken night out or walking down the street.

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