Things I Need to Say Right Now

Lists, London, Reflections

– I absolutely cannot STAND class breaks at weird hours where people come down to the library and act as if they were at a party. It’s obnoxious and kills my concentration when I really, really need to get things done.
– British people don’t wear raincoats. This puzzles me. Although, if it rained all the time back home, I’d probably get sick of carrying one around too.
– The small pack of Digestives costs 99p. The big pack costs 68p. This doesn’t make sense to me, but it does make sense to my tastebuds. I really can’t believe I’ve eaten as much as I have already.
– My rainboots, or ‘wellingtons,’ are a big hit here. It makes me smile.
– People don’t talk on the Tube. And when they do, they are American. Well, obviously we’re seen as boisterous and loud when everyone else doesn’t SPEAK.
– Classes are so relaxed here compared to Boston. You have no idea how much of a relief it is that I get to spend 6/7 nights a week out.

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