Stonehenge & Winchester


This blog is seriously the best thing to procrastinate with since the discovery of Facebook. Today: Stonehenge and Winchester. And guess what? Yup, no rain. Beautiful pictures. Happy Lindsey. The long bus ride through the countryside was enjoyable, and I was actually awake this time. Took some out-of-the-window photos, which didn’t make the cut here but I still saved them. Stonehenge was really cool but very quick. Walked around once and got back on the bus. But still managed to get pictures!


I give the sun credit for how this one came out.

Then we rode another 45 minutes to Winchester, home of the Winchester Cathedral!

(I figured you could find outside photos online, so only inside ones here)

Which holds the grave of the brilliant Jane Austen. This is her memorial, which stands right beside it. We also saw the home where she spent her final days. It was very yellow.

This is the Bishop of Winchester’s official residence, also: Wolvesey Castle.

And up Winchester High Street, we entered the Great Hall to find King Arthur’s Round Table! 13th Century and oldddddd.

In back, a beautiful little garden.

The girls, minus Andrew, who sadly had to take the picture.


ETA: Pictures have FINALLY been uploaded to my entries at Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s/Covent Garden/Tower of London. Have a look!

One thought on “Stonehenge & Winchester

  1. ie: A very quick visit to Stonehenge. Many people would say that’s it’s just a bunch of rocks! Once around to say you saw it. Beautiful day to be there.

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