Study Abroad: Trafalgar Square


Nothing terribly new happened today! I went to class, which led us to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery again, this time to see the Stuart portraits.

The Trafalgar Square fountains were especially beautiful today because it was so bright out and the water had this exciting aquamarine colour to it.

It was SO bright.

There was also this big chess board set up in the centre, which was weird. No idea why, but take a look:

Then I went back to Harrington Gardens to finish up my Henry VIII paper, which I handed in a day early! Bought some postage, groceries, came back to eat and snack, and am now going to (maybe) take a little nap before (hopefully) starting my other paper. Tonight will be another rest night. Tomorrow: class 9-1, finish up the paper, then a plan to go shopping at Portobello!

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