Class at the National Gallery

Art, Class, Fashion, Museums

Today, more AH388 class at the National Gallery. We looked at van Dyck, Hogarth, Gainsborough, Rubens. After class, I ate some lunch at Harrington Gardens, did a little bit of work at the library, then headed off to Portobello Road where I bought a bag, necklace, and new headband. None were very smart buys 😦 Came home, read a little, took a nap, made some dinner and worked on my paper. Then at 9:30 I went out with the boys and girls to Sports Café, which turned out to be cheap drink-wise but was far too hot, smelly, and American. Pictures are on everyone else’s cameras.

This is pretty much the week of homework. Next week: last series of classes. Week after: exams. The first half of this semester flew. Really scary.

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