Camden Market was FANTASTIC today. Rachel, Melissa, and I were drawn to pretty much everything. Some of it was really touristy, but other stuff was chic, hip, vintage, grungy, and really cool!

And you KNEW it was cool, because they sold (replicas of) Banksy.

A pretty scene where, along the edge, they sold lots of ethnic food.

They had the coolest bench seats overlooking the river.

Above ground market.

Getting deeper.

And underground. The ceiling for a music section.

The WEIRDEST store of my life. Words cannot describe what’s inside. I’m going back, obviously, to buy something just to prove that stuff it holds really exists for sale. You have no idea.

I can imagine most, if not all, of my shopping sprees happening in Camden. I need to say that it is a MIRACLE that I managed to not buy a single thing… except when we went back to Covent Garden and I had to buy paella.. AND cookies from Ben’s Cookies to keep my tummy happy.

All in all, a day well spent. Tonight will involve more hanging out with the girls over a pint at Imperial. Tomorrow: Cambridge and Punting!

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