Tate Britain


We went to Tate Britain for my AH388 class today, where we saw the Turner exhibit as well as some Hogarth and Pre-Raphaelite works (Rossetti and Burne-Jones). Interesting stuff! I’ve kind of moved on from Impressionism (finally) but there’s always been a special place in my heart for Turner. Really adore his colors and brushwork, the way you can almost smell the mist and rain.

Afterwards, I spent some time in the library researching and browsing the movie section. They have a good list! (Lawrence of Arabia, About A Boy, Oliver!, North by Northwest, Sense and Sensibility, Last King of Scotland) Will definitely be renting them post-October break.

And then took a long nap before getting up at 6 to do some more research, collect my thoughts, talk to Mark, and have dinner (pasta again). I sat in the room for so long after not doing anything due to distraction that I physically got sick of where I was. Cabin fever maybe, but I wanted to scream and throw things so I got out as fast as I could and took the Tube down to Embankment to take a walk. The Eye wasn’t as colorful as it was before, but the moon was nice to see.


I needed the break and the atmosphere was really calm and still. I love that area.

Tomorrow: V&A Museum for my last AH388 class.

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