My room

Food, London

is no place to get work done. So I have nothing better to do but post again.

Can you believe that I left Boston for London to escape the rain? Apparently, it’s been legit raining there all the time and we’ve had straight sunshine for 4 weeks. Life is good!

Also, for real I need to diet. I swear, this is the last pack of digestives and I am DONE with the cookies and DONE with the eating every 5 seconds. I have been eating more here than I’ve ever done in my lifeeee. So after these 7 or so cookies that are left, I am going to eat nothing but MEALS and FRUIT and VEGETABLES and the last of these pretzels and am going to run a few times a week and do crunches in the park and everything. And if all else fails, I am going to literally throw out the snacks that I buy. And if THAT fails, I’m going to get my roommates to legit yell at me if they see me going for chocolate or cupcakes or croissants or Vanilla Chai Tea Lattés.

Ready set go.

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