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Lists, Work Abroad

For the rest of the first term:

Wednesday, 30 September
9-10 Getting ready for the day
10-12 paper writing
1:15-5:15 Journalism class
5:15-8 Library for paper/AH research
8-9 dinner

Thursday, 1 October
9-10 Getting ready
1:15-5:15 Journalism class
5:15-6 Library for AH research
6-7:30 Internship briefing
8-9 dinner

Friday, 2 October
9-10 Mom and Dad arrive

Saturday, 3 October
throughout with parents
AH & JO studying

Sunday, 4 October
3-5 Rugby game
AH & JO studying

Monday, 5 October
8-2 Journalism exam
2:15-3 Internship Tutorial
3-5 Journalism exam
5-7 AH studying

Tuesday, 6 October
9-11 AH exam
11- Traveling

Wednesday, 7 October-11 October


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