Work Abroad

During my time with Cultureshock, I have bought out all the blueberry and cherry Pearl muffins the shop on the corner had to sell. Sadly, today was the very last cherry muffin purchase. I am admittedly proud of this achievement!

I quite like including useless links in my entries.

EDIT (22:43):
Internship went as usual. Tomorrow is my last day. Tear! My coworkers were really great to work with and overall it was a great learning experience. I got to see how a publishing company worked, and all the little side projects they were involved in as well. I will talk more about this tomorrow. Back in Boston, The BUZZ Magazine is hitting campus next week! My articles were used in the mockup version featured in BU Today, but I’m not sure about this upcoming issue. I’m excited to get my hands on a copy.

Our mock-up.

Other than that, not much more to update on. Tonight was basically a let-down, because I felt a little melancholy and slept through most of it. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow for the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Lighting!


Art, Work Abroad

I love how I get sick of writing after being so tired after work, but still post crappy entries every day, as if they mean something to you. Today (?) I went to the V&A to help Kate with her interview with Japanese architect and architecture historian Terunobu Fujimori! This was inpreparation for a new exhibit going up in June 2010 called ‘1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces.’ (more later) Karaoke tonight with the girls. Tomorrow, class.

UPDATE: Scotland pictures are up! FINALLY. It took me forever to choose what to post–I took over 500 pictures. Don’t worry. They are AWESOME.

Also, two of my stories have been published in the London Student Newsletter. Slang&Scotland. Check them out!


Work Abroad

And where is my time going? There is not enough time in my LIFE to do what I need to do. Article for the Student Newsletter is submitted, only now I realize that you might be seeing double if you read this blog as well. I seriously have no time to think of two different ways of recounting a vacation! Give me a break! Now, on to my 2000 word essay. Research done? Not a chance. Enough to snack on while procrastinating? You betcha. Work at Cultureshock today was normal as always. The internet went down again so I left a half hour early. I have been trying to figure this weekend out but cannot CHOOSE between the two. I need advice 😦

In good/bad news, I am going to the ticket office with Melissa and Megan to get tickets to see Oliver! tomorrow night. Yes, the night before handing in this monster assignment. Call me crazy? Well, after all, I did get married this weekend.

Work Again

Work Abroad

Back to work today, and nothing new to note. Our internet connection got really bad near mid-afternoon so we were sent home around 15 minutes early. Consequently, I popped over to Jack Wills to try on some things 🙂 And then headed home to talk to the boy, format my Edinburgh pictures, and have some dinner. This post will be short to off-set the previous one, whose pictures will be uploaded in waves throughout tonight and tomorrow. Still debating between Wales and the Highlands for this weekend.

Christmas Lighting

Work Abroad

Today I spent another full day at Cultureshock, researching and uploading theatre venues/productions/reviews. Tomorrow will be spend contacting the press management to get release materials. None of this probably makes any sense to you but it keeps me busy. I like having control and having a full day without any downtime. It makes the time go by much faster.

After work I went to Tottenham Court Road and walked to Oxford Circus to see the Christmas lights that were turned on earlier that night by Jim Carrey?! It was kind of a let down, because most of the lights were blue and their design really had nothing to do with Christmas at all, which is what it should have been about. I gave in and bought a mediocre lamb & mint pasty at some shop before meeting up with Melissa. Then we took the tube to St. Paul’s and walked around a bit on the Millennium bridge and the area. Gave in again and got a mega cookie at Starbucks. Woof. Tomorrow’s dinner: 45 calorie soup, as was ORIGINALLY PLANNED for tonight. I disappoint myself. It’s only 22:18, and I am going to bed.

Tomorrow: the launch of the newly designed CultureCritic website. The theatre section is all my doing! Salad or lean sandwich. Finalizing my classes planner for next semester. Brainstorming for my paper topic due Thursday. And possibly going to the pub to drink a pint (of water). But don’t judge. There will be plenty of pints in Edinburgh this weekend.

October 28th

Work Abroad

Wow I almost forgot to post today. Would have been TRAGIC. Was even in bed for two hours, too. Today, work from ten to six. Oli’s cat was sick and he was upset so wasn’t given too many tasks to do. Went back to Harrington to write my tutorial paper till 19:45, then went to Waitrose to grocery shop for the week since all I had in the fridge was vodka and lettuce haha. Then went to the room the check the internets, take a shower, come down with a massive headache, and get in bed at 23:00. Must mean I’m sad/strained but there’s nothing to be done about it.

Tomorrow: work till six, internship tutorial 6-8, then using my private invite to attend the Jack Wills Unsigned concert 8-? at King’s Road. I’m excited!


Work Abroad

work till 6
went souvenir shopping then out to dinner at the Black Lion (roast chicken dinner)
back in the room to watch ridiculous tv (Crank) before bed

Today, I had workkk again. Still same old marketing stuff. Mark met me at my lunch break and we went to an Italian bakery to eat some good chicken paninis. At three, we said our goodbyes on the Tradescant corner before I headed back to finish up my day. Dinner consisted of a vegetable samosa and not-quite-ripe banana which was eaten on the walk back to my apartment. The night afterwards has been spent updating the last few days’ posts and will hopefully end on a higher note than stinging contacts, 0% done on essay, and no mood for being awake even at 21:10. I want the weekend, the Dover&Canterbury trip, and time for myself.

More work and random stuff

Work Abroad

First night without roommates in a while! Therefore, blasting Relient K, doing crunches, painting my nails, and pondering whether a membership to the gym now will get me ripped before I go back to school. Is £99 until I leave worth it?

Today, internship was still just okay. I’m actually placed as a Marketing intern, which broke my heart when I found out, but I emailed EUSA and I don’t think they’re going to care. I just thought I’d be able to get some editorial experience in before I graduated 😦 I almost feel like this entire program was a waste because I’m really not “seeing how the company works” or “grasping a little bit of everything in publishing.” I’m literally sitting at a computer checking their Facebook account and making excel spreadsheets. Ugh. No magazine looking at my resumé is going see ANY editing or writing experience, my career goals, and that’s what really gets me.

Anyways, came home and stayed in and bummed out. Tomorrow will be more internship, then going to Heathrow to pick up my boy. And then who knows. Thank goodness for the weekend being only days away.

Work and random stuff

Work Abroad

So that organic chocolate I got last night? They have separate golden wrapping on the inside and makes me feel like Charlie from Willy Wonka every time I open one. But four bars down, I still haven’t found the Golden Ticket. It was not meant to be!

Today I lazed around at work and did more research and outreach for Funky. Tomorrow will be my first day at CultureCritic. Am I allowed to be a little excited? At least work will be something different than marketing (yuck yuck yuck). I ran out of food today so I’m also looking forward to getting my Sainsbury’s salad during lunch break! Oh the small things in life.

Melissa and Alison and I booked our hostel for Scotland and it was only $24 a night! I am really relieved I am going, after having cancelled my flight to Sweden. There really is only so much time. I’m actually thinking of traveling to Paris that weekend by myself and see where I end up. I think it would be a perfect place for thinking, and for self-discovery. And good for my soul. I’ve started to become more reluctant to do things on my own, and Paris would be a great way to tear that veil of hesitancy down again. And, of course, the shopping. And the baguettes!!!

And we also went to this Gelato place to get just that. Chocolate and Strawberry Sorbet = heaven.