Work and random stuff

Work Abroad

So that organic chocolate I got last night? They have separate golden wrapping on the inside and makes me feel like Charlie from Willy Wonka every time I open one. But four bars down, I still haven’t found the Golden Ticket. It was not meant to be!

Today I lazed around at work and did more research and outreach for Funky. Tomorrow will be my first day at CultureCritic. Am I allowed to be a little excited? At least work will be something different than marketing (yuck yuck yuck). I ran out of food today so I’m also looking forward to getting my Sainsbury’s salad during lunch break! Oh the small things in life.

Melissa and Alison and I booked our hostel for Scotland and it was only $24 a night! I am really relieved I am going, after having cancelled my flight to Sweden. There really is only so much time. I’m actually thinking of traveling to Paris that weekend by myself and see where I end up. I think it would be a perfect place for thinking, and for self-discovery. And good for my soul. I’ve started to become more reluctant to do things on my own, and Paris would be a great way to tear that veil of hesitancy down again. And, of course, the shopping. And the baguettes!!!

And we also went to this Gelato place to get just that. Chocolate and Strawberry Sorbet = heaven.

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