More work and random stuff

Work Abroad

First night without roommates in a while! Therefore, blasting Relient K, doing crunches, painting my nails, and pondering whether a membership to the gym now will get me ripped before I go back to school. Is £99 until I leave worth it?

Today, internship was still just okay. I’m actually placed as a Marketing intern, which broke my heart when I found out, but I emailed EUSA and I don’t think they’re going to care. I just thought I’d be able to get some editorial experience in before I graduated 😦 I almost feel like this entire program was a waste because I’m really not “seeing how the company works” or “grasping a little bit of everything in publishing.” I’m literally sitting at a computer checking their Facebook account and making excel spreadsheets. Ugh. No magazine looking at my resumé is going see ANY editing or writing experience, my career goals, and that’s what really gets me.

Anyways, came home and stayed in and bummed out. Tomorrow will be more internship, then going to Heathrow to pick up my boy. And then who knows. Thank goodness for the weekend being only days away.

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