Mark visits: Day One


Sitting in work on my lunch break, and what better to pass the time than this? Although, I’m contemplating running to the convenience store on the corner to get myself some crackers or something, but I still have about 50 minutes—no big. I woke up refreshed today because there’s nothing like going to bed at 23:30. I really have nothing to say except I probably won’t have any time to update tonight. I really want to wear my Jack Wills stockings today but… is it cold enough? I also need some nice brown boots to go with them. Perhaps Mark will come shopping with me this weekend so I can stock up on outfit accessories. A blue jay just landed on a branch outside the window! This weekend will be busy busy. Pictures to come, I promise. Just hasn’t been much touring going on lately.

Edit: Tonight I picked him up from the airport and brought him back to meet the roommates and get him fed (Dim T for some good dim sum!) and well rested. It’s strange how mannerisms resurface so quickly with the familiarity of someone. It was an almost sad feeling of missing home, a feeling I didn’t know I felt until tonight. I hope I have time to show him everything he wants to see here.

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