100th blogpost!


More shopping was done today. Maybe I’m not as broke as I convince myself that I am. It poured rain all day and I had to duck in and out of shops on Oxford Street to escape it, but my raincoat and rain boots did the trick. I HATE when my socks get wet from soggy shoes. Back home, I ate lots before eventually banishing myself to my bunk, where I wrote some of my art paper, talked to Mark, and lazed about.

Oh! And in celebration of my 100th blog post in London, here’s a little song about the life I left behind.

Love her.



It’s coming. And it is wonderful that the UK is already celebrating it. I cannot wait to get home and see some snow, and to giftwrap. Wrapping is one of my favorite things, but as good as the feeling is of placing them under the tree. I miss decorating ❤

All I’ve been listening to tonight is Straight No Chaser’s “I’m Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Really, really wonderful. If you don’t have it on your iTunes, DOWNLOAD IT IMMEDIATELY!

They also do a really neat arrangement of The 12 Days of Christmas, which also deserves a close listen. Acappella inspires me.

jack wills unsigned


Today work went a lot better than expected. Oli stayed home because his cat passed away 😦 so I was left with very little tasks to do in the morning. That afternoon, after a desperate plea for work, I was relocated downstairs where tasks like no other kept me busy. And an email to Sarah successfully got me working for Theatre editorial on Monday! Score! AND I emailed a classmate back in Boston about her internship and it’s looking good with the Improper Bostonian. I have high hopes for my semester back home.

The Jack Wills Unsigned concert was cool, I must say. OPEN BAR was AWESOME (the effects are still wearing off). We like free drinks!

The boys were cute, the girls were tall and skinny and gorgeous, and Melissa and I actually liked one of the bands so much we bought their EP. The Brent Flood!

I wore my Jack Wills shorts I bought and all was good for a free night out (and wristband to match). But I definitely felt out of place with everyone, especially because they all seemed to know each other. No lowly American could stand a chance in there. But now on the agenda: more JW clothes. I ❤ Jack Wills.

Tomorrow: class again. And a trip to the gym.

Mark visits: Day One


Sitting in work on my lunch break, and what better to pass the time than this? Although, I’m contemplating running to the convenience store on the corner to get myself some crackers or something, but I still have about 50 minutes—no big. I woke up refreshed today because there’s nothing like going to bed at 23:30. I really have nothing to say except I probably won’t have any time to update tonight. I really want to wear my Jack Wills stockings today but… is it cold enough? I also need some nice brown boots to go with them. Perhaps Mark will come shopping with me this weekend so I can stock up on outfit accessories. A blue jay just landed on a branch outside the window! This weekend will be busy busy. Pictures to come, I promise. Just hasn’t been much touring going on lately.

Edit: Tonight I picked him up from the airport and brought him back to meet the roommates and get him fed (Dim T for some good dim sum!) and well rested. It’s strange how mannerisms resurface so quickly with the familiarity of someone. It was an almost sad feeling of missing home, a feeling I didn’t know I felt until tonight. I hope I have time to show him everything he wants to see here.

September 30th


Other than the thought that I need to dress more fashionably, nothing much went on today. Went to class, went to the library, bought yet another batch of groceries (as I seem to binge eat when I don’t feel like doing work), ate some soup for dinner, and watched some Japanese drama in the room. Will probably go to bed in like 15 minutes as I have a major headache. Boo. Tomorrow: field trip to the Press Complaints Commission, internship briefing afterwards, and celebrating the end of classes with a night out clubbing at Vendome.