100th blogpost!


More shopping was done today. Maybe I’m not as broke as I convince myself that I am. It poured rain all day and I had to duck in and out of shops on Oxford Street to escape it, but my raincoat and rain boots did the trick. I HATE when my socks get wet from soggy shoes. Back home, I ate lots before eventually banishing myself to my bunk, where I wrote some of my art paper, talked to Mark, and lazed about.

Oh! And in celebration of my 100th blog post in London, here’s a little song about the life I left behind.

Love her.

One thought on “100th blogpost!

  1. So glad you discovered this great song which was actually a very old song when Judy first did it in the movies not long after she did Wizard of Oz. (I forget which movie) She’s just amazing, isn’t she?

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