Shopping weekend


Crap, I forgot to post yesterday. Not like anything of note happened, other than spending hours at the library and then watching Gosford Park before bed. Thrilling, I know.

Today I went shopping, and it was not as epic as I thought it would be. BOTH District and Circle lines were closed so I had to improvise with the bus routes, and it was a pain. But I did finally buy the Jack Wills dress I have been wanting for ages, as well as a few necessary items from TopShop. Now, what I really need are boots and a nice coat. Here’s to throwing things out so I can board my plane home! I ended up taking a two-hour nap when I got back (bad idea) and now have a dull headache and not even Thanksgiving leftovers or HIMYM clips have helped it. I’ve been searching for movie rentals on iTunes for ages and can’t find anything interesting. Tomorrow: possible trip to Westminster Abbey for the 11am morning service, writing my AH paper, and possibly more shopping?

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