Jack Wills: new love of my life

Fashion, Geeky Obsessions

Jack Wills, how much do I adore thee? Let me count the ways.

First, your Autumn clothing line was to die for. Your winter line came out too soon! Too bad I can’t get an INVITE to your exclusive online outlet so I can grab some of the last season stock! You would make money off me! Second, your stores are cosy and chock full of color and fun. And your employees are attentive, active, helpful, and (of course) decked out in your best. Next, you have stores in all my favorite London locations, so you are easy to find and easy to pop in. And fourth (but certainly not last, because the list could go on for ages), when people let the world know how much they love you, you reward them. Could it get much better? Well, yes, if you were in the States. UM COME TO BOSTON PLZ.

So you can’t even imagine my excitement when this came in the mail.

My blog post earned me my own pj set—one of the flannel pants and an Aberdy T. Did I mention how much I love JW? DID I MENTION IT? The clothes fit like a dream. I like the deep pockets in my flannels—they let me stash secret items (like keys and my college ID for Late Night runs). And they’re not too long, which is the ULTIMATE plus because all pants get ruined from how short I am and how I tread on absolutely everything.

Ahh, purple is the best color in the world.

If you’re looking for the best loungepants in existence, consider adding a pair of these to your Christmas list. Their colors are intensely good, like the redwhite&green Coyteman Loungepant…OMG. Christmas colors are so wonderful. The price means you are paying for great quality. I never thought I was really a pajama person until I tried them on.

I also got the teal Seasonnaires t-shirt because that color kind of makes me feel like an icicle! Hellooo wintertime ❤ Let me just say, I knew what I was doing when I decided to be born in January.

On the backs of all Seasonnaires shirts are different names of posh skiing resorts in France, like Van Thorens and Meribel. The back of mine says Val d’Isère, one of the best ski resorts in the WORLD and with an equally vibrant nightlife. Jack Wills has a blog about it too, which is sweet.

One day, when I head to France, I will ski one of those mountains. And it will be epic.

Anyways, their marketing strategy is incredible. I couldn’t think of a better way to get the word out there than to encourage fans to spread the word themselves. You have to read to believe! And JW definitely has me hooked. My buy this weekend: the most beautiful dress in existence? Or this. Serious love.

Happy Lindsey.

Jack Wills, please go back to Boston University in the spring. It would be the best birthday present EVER. I would market for you like crazy.

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