jack wills unsigned


Today work went a lot better than expected. Oli stayed home because his cat passed away 😦 so I was left with very little tasks to do in the morning. That afternoon, after a desperate plea for work, I was relocated downstairs where tasks like no other kept me busy. And an email to Sarah successfully got me working for Theatre editorial on Monday! Score! AND I emailed a classmate back in Boston about her internship and it’s looking good with the Improper Bostonian. I have high hopes for my semester back home.

The Jack Wills Unsigned concert was cool, I must say. OPEN BAR was AWESOME (the effects are still wearing off). We like free drinks!

The boys were cute, the girls were tall and skinny and gorgeous, and Melissa and I actually liked one of the bands so much we bought their EP. The Brent Flood!

I wore my Jack Wills shorts I bought and all was good for a free night out (and wristband to match). But I definitely felt out of place with everyone, especially because they all seemed to know each other. No lowly American could stand a chance in there. But now on the agenda: more JW clothes. I ❤ Jack Wills.

Tomorrow: class again. And a trip to the gym.

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