October 28th

Work Abroad

Wow I almost forgot to post today. Would have been TRAGIC. Was even in bed for two hours, too. Today, work from ten to six. Oli’s cat was sick and he was upset so wasn’t given too many tasks to do. Went back to Harrington to write my tutorial paper till 19:45, then went to Waitrose to grocery shop for the week since all I had in the fridge was vodka and lettuce haha. Then went to the room the check the internets, take a shower, come down with a massive headache, and get in bed at 23:00. Must mean I’m sad/strained but there’s nothing to be done about it.

Tomorrow: work till six, internship tutorial 6-8, then using my private invite to attend the Jack Wills Unsigned concert 8-? at King’s Road. I’m excited!

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