Work Abroad

work till 6
went souvenir shopping then out to dinner at the Black Lion (roast chicken dinner)
back in the room to watch ridiculous tv (Crank) before bed

Today, I had workkk again. Still same old marketing stuff. Mark met me at my lunch break and we went to an Italian bakery to eat some good chicken paninis. At three, we said our goodbyes on the Tradescant corner before I headed back to finish up my day. Dinner consisted of a vegetable samosa and not-quite-ripe banana which was eaten on the walk back to my apartment. The night afterwards has been spent updating the last few days’ posts and will hopefully end on a higher note than stinging contacts, 0% done on essay, and no mood for being awake even at 21:10. I want the weekend, the Dover&Canterbury trip, and time for myself.

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