Bright Star gala


Went to internship and it was normal blah blah blah. We had an actual ‘meeting’ today and announced that I would be working two days a week at Funky Venues and two days at CultureCritic, which is good news because then I’ll have a variety of stuff to do and not just marketing for one website for eight weeks.

So after work I rushed home to change into my gala dress and booked it to Leicester Square to make the private screening of Bright Star. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, came to speak!

The gorgeous Odeon Theater.

And the director and cast. Second from left is the director Jane Campion. The first man from the left is Ben Whishaw, who played Keats <33333 LOVE HIM. Abbie Cornish, leading lady, couldn’t be there due to filming elsewhere.

And the movie itself was good! But sad. The cinematography was beautiful. And the many drawn-out silences and gazes held by the leading roles made me wait with bated breath. I liked it a lot. And I WOULD have meet some of the famous had I not realized I lost my Student Oyster card after the movie. SADFACE. Apparently, I left it at the Tube when I got off, but some very nice person turned it in and by chance I went to the right window and they returned it to me. So, so relieved. And they handed out free bars of Green & Black’s organic chocolate in the theater, which I snatched two more of on my way out, even amidst my panic. Was probably planning to gorge in my misery. Some things never change.

Also, new trend of mine. When I reach South Ken Station, I always pick up a banana for the walk home. It makes me feel healthy! Before I gorge on chocolate and pasta when I get in.

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