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My blog is turning into a fashion explosion. BUT, seeing as how I’m living in LONDON aka one of the fashion capitals of the WORLD, I think I’m okay. Sooo I woke up from a crazy night spent at O’Neill’s which never ceases to provide the fun. Live band the whole night, wore a little black dress and earned a night of dancing with probably the best looking guy in the club (or so I was told ummm whatever I still think my boyfriend is better <3). But his name was Brett and he was from CALIFORNIA and I left without a hitch because who wants to meet Americans here anyway.

So today I slept late and such. Woke up to do laundry (yay productiveness) and clean the room and reorganize my wardrobe/closet/drawer space. THEN I researched forever on Jack Wills so I had a plan before I went out, then went on a wild goose chase at Covent Garden to find the store that apparently no longer exists there. NOT FUN. It wouldn’t have been as frustrating if it wasn’t the weekend and the entire Circle Line was closed and Covent Garden is notoriously a madhouse. So I hopped back on the Tube and arrived in Sloane Square (serious upper class shopping) and literally stumbled upon their other store. It was beyond beautiful on the inside, spared no expense, and there was even a café upstairs and dressing rooms that had sample clothes to try on and full couches and. Yeah. Forget Urban Outfitters, this place is the real deal.

And I made an expensive purchase but I’m only in this country for a short time. FORGIVE ME.

Actually, it was really all about getting the bag.

But I did buy clothes. COLORFUL clothes, I might add.

The shorts came in their own button-up pouch. THAT’S RIGHT.

Made from real London, so you KNOW it’s good.

And I was able to try on the brown version of the plaid coat I mentioned last entry because it was sitting in my fitting room just beckoning me. And let me say, let’s just forget about Burberry. The coat is gorgeous. I might just put it on my Christmas list anyway and ask for nothing else. In fact, I’d probably settle for it being my Christmas AND birthday gift. From the whole family. For the next two years. Haha I CAN DREAM CAN’T I.

Nothing else tonight. Tomorrow begins the second week of Cultureshock. Hopefully this will be the week they let me write about movies!

And wow, this post is really loving on the capital letters.

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