Fashion Wishlist!


Went to High Street Kensington to buy yet another going-out outfit and wanted to cry for all the clothes I want to buy because I know they won’t be there when I go back to the states. And I can’t even put them on Christmas lists because of the shipping and exchange rate etc. I should start a Donate-to-Lindsey-because-she-loves-being-well-dressed-and-consequently-feeling-good-about-herself-but-can’t-because-she-is-a-college-kid-and-doesn’t-have-a-job-and-is-dirt-poor-and-therefore-sad-Fund. Oh well. Here’s a collection of what I found for personal future reference (because other than that, I did nothing else today), listed from left to right:

Marks and Spencer | Pure Cotton Moleskin Jacket, £65
Republic | Miso PU Trim Mac, £45
Republic | Miso Toggle Dolly Jacket, £60

UK Urban Outfitters | Kimchi & Blue Floral Chiffon Skirt, £35
Gap | Black tweed wool shorts, *$50
UK Urban Outfitters | Wrap Tulip Skirt, £45

Jack Wills | Preheim Socks, both £19
Topshop | Gathered sleeve blazer, £55

Blowfish | Twisted Sister Boots, $69
Blowfish | Hamish boots, $60

Jack Wills is like, MY store. Seriously, everything. EVERYTHING. The outfits are to die for. So, so sad that they’re all layering, and every upper layer is worth more than the last.

First second third outfits are love. That plaid coat makes me wibble. Too bad its £229. OUCH.

I especially like the second one here.

Anndddd time to go dance. Tomorrow’s looking like laundry day.

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