AH381 class one

Architecture, Art, Class, London, Museums

It was my first architecture and urbanism class today and we walked all around and saw many things. The pictures will refresh my memory but the ones I remember were, along with those pictured, the British Library, Leicester Square, and the Senate House, and Virginia Woolf’s residence among others.

The classically styled British Museum. And wonderful blue sky.

Inside the British Museum. As far away modern as you can get.

A park we walked through. With the autumn leaves.

A statue of Gandhi. With flowers. I thought it was really moving.

Gordon’s Square I think. Could be wrong.

St. Pancras Station, and the sky I never thought I’d still be seeing.

At 1:30 I headed back with Owen to South Ken, where we parted and I got home and researched hotels for Mark again and also talked to Melissa about my possible solo trip to Paris in November. Pricey, yes, but probably really worth it. Then I took a nap until 5. Yadda yadda yadda I made vegetable soup for dinner with bread. I ran into Andrew on the way to the kitchen and got suckered into going out to The Penthouse tonight. Hopefully it will be a good time and not ruin my day tomorrow (clubbing has a tendency to kill mornings) for which I have nothing planned. Maybe a shopping trip or something, who knows.

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