Last day at Cultureshock

Museums, Work Abroad

…and I’ve eaten too many chocolates and Cadbury Cake Bars and gingerbread cookies than I can manage. Yum, but really, yuck. The boys are in a meeting which means I have some time fairly alone to write, so write I shall. There’s a very interesting interview with Sebastian Junger and his press relationship with the military (he’s doing a panel tomorrow in BU Phototonics, and I’m really disappointed I can’t make it). Anyways, really cool stuff. If I ever had the guts, that’s what I would want to be doing as a journalist, just because the material you get is guaranteed to be fascinating, illuminating, life-changing. I feel like that kind of experience would really shake the life into me, and make everything (taste, smell, see) so much more stark, sharp, real–granting a sense of mortality I’ve been desperately trying to grab hold of despite my age and tendency towards the dramatic.

ANNDDDD just scored an interview with the Improper Bostonian!!! Here’s to heading back to Boston earlier than expected!

EDIT #2:
After work, I headed to Trafalgar Square to see the newly installed Christmas Tree! (Donated by Norway every year).

It was so pretty! But it was SO COLD. I couldn’t feel my fingertips or toes. Nonetheless, I decided to walk from Trafalgar down Whitehall to Parliament Square, where another Christmas Tree was set up inside the Parliament grounds. Then I went home and lazed around for a while before skipping off to O’Neill’s, where a night of drinking and dancing and craziness ensued (as always). Came back around 3am and felt thoroughly like a nutsy college kid.

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