Greenwich & Canary Wharf


I might be going out tonight so am going to make this post brief so I can get ready. I had my ridiculous 9-5 art class today, and it was awesome (mainly because of how gorgeous it was outside—not a cloud in the sky). We took a boat cruise from Westminster to Greenwich, where we visited the Greenwich Tudor Palace and Chapel.


The inside of the hall.

Set up for Christmas!

The Chapel.

The museum that we decided not to go into.

Instead, we took a walk to the Royal Observatory.

The hill was SO STEEP, but it gave us some great views of Canary Wharf and the city.

A close-up of the O2 Dome.

Finally, we reached the top.

Where I got to stradle the Prime Meridian of the World! Longitude 0˚00’00” (better picture of the numbers was taken by someone else, to be updated later)!

After taking the less-taxing walk down, we meandered through the little streets of Greenwich…

… before entering the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, which goes under the Thames and spits out on the other side of the river. At its widest:

At its narrowest!

The view of Greenwich Palace from the other side.

There, we hopped on the DLR to Canary Wharf, where we saw, and strolled through the lobby of, One Canada Square (the tallest building in the UK).

We walked around the area and marveled at how different the buildings were, and how they seemed to be more like a snapshot of NYC than anywhere in London.

Goodbye Canary Wharf!

We headed home where I took a longgg nap. Tonight: Aura, the worst club experience to date, no admittance to O’Neill’s, and a walk through Chinatown with Melissa until the early hours in a vain attempt to get some fried rice. Boo!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mommy! I hope you got your card in time. ❤

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