Work Abroad

And where is my time going? There is not enough time in my LIFE to do what I need to do. Article for the Student Newsletter is submitted, only now I realize that you might be seeing double if you read this blog as well. I seriously have no time to think of two different ways of recounting a vacation! Give me a break! Now, on to my 2000 word essay. Research done? Not a chance. Enough to snack on while procrastinating? You betcha. Work at Cultureshock today was normal as always. The internet went down again so I left a half hour early. I have been trying to figure this weekend out but cannot CHOOSE between the two. I need advice 😦

In good/bad news, I am going to the ticket office with Melissa and Megan to get tickets to see Oliver! tomorrow night. Yes, the night before handing in this monster assignment. Call me crazy? Well, after all, I did get married this weekend.

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