Mom & Dad visit: Day Four

London, Pubs

So I didn’t go to the Rugby game yesterday like I mentioned, but I forgot to say that I didn’t go because traveling to and from the game cost more than the ticket and it wasn’t worth it. Oh well.

Today I got up at 8am to pick up my take-home exam paper, which I researched and wrote until 2. 2-3 I had another internship briefing (useless) and at 3 I walked to the library to finalize my exam papers, print them out, and hand them in to the office. I spent until around 5 reading and gathering my notes for my AH exam tomorrow. Then I went to the hotel and napped with Mom till Dad showed up at 6:15. Because Mom wasn’t feeling well, Dad and I had another pub dinner at Stanhope. I ordered fish & chips and cleaned the plate! We sat around and chatted for a while before heading home so I could study, but that hasn’t happened yet. So far, I’ve only packed a little and spent the rest of the time looking at pictures online. I’m clearly a waste of space. Tomorrow: exam from 9-11am and then picking up the car to go to Yorkshire for the week ❤

One thought on “Mom & Dad visit: Day Four

  1. Hello Lindsey…Just got your blog address today from Alla….How cool is this! I’ll be playing catch-up with your previous entries. Love the pictures…they’re wonderful! looks like the weather has been great while your parents are visiting..glad to see they arrived safely . Let your mom know that everything here is fine. thankfully it has rained only one day and the sun has returned. the fall scenery is too short already without it being ruined by rain and wind…you all have a great time in Yorkshire with the relatives and enjoy your time with your parents…you lucky dogs!!! later, Ann

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