Doncaster & York


Goodness, I just wrote an extensive entry and when I clicked ‘Publish,’ it didn’t work and erased the entire thing. I don’t think I have the energy or the time to write it all out again, so I’ll just post pictures for now and fill it in later. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Pictures now added! Yayyy.

Yesterday, we drove to Doncaster.  I was finally going to see the relatives!  It was crazy trying to find the M1 highway in London, but we made it. On the drive there, they played Backstreet Boys, of which I approved.

It started to rain a little, but the sky outside the streaked windows was still incredible.

Finally, we arrived! And the clouds opened up just as we entered Armthorpe and made the sky turn very dark very quickly.

Martin and Carol are so nice and so accomodating.  We had a wonderful homemade shepard’s pie for dinner, then Trevor (Martin’s “brother from another mother,” or so he says) and Jillian came to chat and hang out for a bit.  Trevor is going to get us tickets to go see James’s band Friday night and I’m SO EXCITED.  I love their music.  Anyways, the humor is ridiculous and I don’t know how my muscles are going to hang on for the laughing.

The next day was sunny! The view from their driveway:

Today, Martin drove us at 90 mph to York. He’s got mad driving skills.

Sunshine still. I have been blessed with good travel.

The town was absolutely gorgeous and very quaint, with rolling streets and cosy shops and delicious patisseries and eateries. Some of the houses tilted to close together one could almost jump across. Very Knight’s Tale esque.

Mom and Martin went their separate way so Dad and I could visit the iconic York Minster and its undercroft, since the tower was closed that day (it made us very sad to miss it).

Of course, the inside was breathtaking and ethereal. Here are a few of the sights.

Dad looking at the kings of England.

Proof that I was there!


Afterwards, the four of us wandered until stumbling upon this hand-carved meat eatery and ordered the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever encountered: tender carved lamb topped with mint sauce on a roll. Mmmmm.

We also visited the smelly but intriguing Jorvik Viking Centre before heading home to relax (walking is hard work).  Dinner was indian (yay naan bread) and chinese.  When Martin came back from the gym, we skyped with Eric. He is now Mr. Villanova. Martin had him going with the pig racing scenario he thought up in York. Yes. Pig racing. “I’m telling ya, Eric, it’s the dogs.”

The Yorkshire accent is not posh like the Londoner’s, but I think it’s better.

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