Conisbrough & Wath


Today, Dad got really really sick so Mother and I took a trip to Wath to see the family history. Went to Conisbrough Castle, which was just a defense fortress, really. But I always love castles and their ancient-ness. They make me feel very young.






Then we went to Wath to see the church Grammie and Grandpa got married in. It was old and beautiful.

We went as well to Christine’s (wife of Barry, one of Mom’s uncles) for a chat in her observatory! That word is so posh.

Afterwards, we wandered the Wath Cemetery and found Barry’s grave which had some really nice flowers and such. Then we made our way back home for some relaxation and viewing of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Keanu was just as vapid as always. I began to upload my pictures from the day when people showed up! A lot of older people who I never met before but the important one was James, obviously, because we are basically the same age and spent Christmas together 15 YEARS AGO. It is so strange to think that our lives basically went on through that period, and we’ve both grown into our skins. It was funny finding out which memories from back then survived. Anyways, that is what I was looking forward to most today. They only just left and I think I should have taken up the offer of hanging out with him tomorrow but the chance came and went. I really hope he’s able to come down to London to visit before I leave if I don’t opt to pay for a Saturday train because 15 years is really too long and it’s a breath of fresh air hanging out with someone my own age who isn’t American. Too awkward to take pictures of the night but I hope hope hope I get the courage to ask tomorrow before the show.

Tomorrow: Doncaster market with Momma and visiting Colin in Wath. Then off to Leeds to see James’s show for 8pm.

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