Wath & Leeds


Okay so, I didn’t even have 5 minutes yesterday to update! Which means things are going well but I can’t keep up with my day-to-day entry style like I want. But I have access now so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet (unlikely).

Yesterday, Mummy and Daddy and I went to the Doncaster Market to look at all the cheap goods and food. The amount of meat on display was bordering on ridiculous, and I couldn’t resist buying three, that’s right, THREE packets of shortbread cookies all for £1. So that was my lunch while dad had a chocolate cupcake and mom had a cream donut. Yummy yummy. Then we walked around the mall for a bit and saw some cool stores (Next, Republic) before heading to Wath to see Mom’s uncle Colin and his wife Joan. Their house was so pretty and they had the cutest dog ever but I never figured out its name.

Some traditional English treats laid out for us!

The Westie! Martin and Carol also own two westies, Mika and Coco, but I forgot to take pictures of them.

The group.

Colin and his house.

Apparently I like views from driveways. I think it could possibly be because I always wonder what it’s like waking up everyday to the English landscape.

At mid-afternoon, we rushed back to Martins so I could pack and eat fish&chips before people came over so we could see Ellen and the Escapades live. It was in a really cool venue called the Brudenell Social Club. It was filled with people of all ages but mostly from university. All in all, a really hip atmosphere.

The band 🙂 L to R: Andy, Jeff, Ellen, James, Chris.

They had a really good set, a really nice sound, and after my parents left I was able to hang out with the band members and talk away and cool stuff like that. I’m currently staying in James’s apartment so I can spend the weekend in Leeds instead of going back to empty London and cutting my vacation short. It’s going to be awesome.

Anyways, no time to go further but I’ll update when I’m back home. Yay!

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