Queens, castles, and fairytales


Copenhagen is a land of fairytales.

It is a land of kings and queens, renaissance castles and white horses, jutting cobblestones, medieval towers, and looming narrow alleyways unchanged from days of old. There is a smell to it, too, though I’ve yet to place it. A sweet smell, swirling with tastes of the ocean, baked bread, musty library books, burnt sugar. There is something in the air that sets your imagination ablaze. Its royalty must have felt it, too. It’s the sort of feeling that if anything can be dreamed, it can be realized. (And, in the monarchy’s case, with the right amount of bank).

At the end of Loch Ness


I really can’t believe I have internet access right now. The day has been kind of a whirlwind of TRAVEL and STUFF. The two big words in my vocabulary. I took a 12.5 hour bus ride through the night to Edinburgh, where I sprinted to my tour group only to arrive early enough to grab a hot chocolate and spruce up. WHOO. Then I met this girl named Alex and we hung out seeing castles and glens and OH MY GOD. Scotland has the most gorgeous landscape I have ever seen. The Highlands? God yes.

London Day Trip: Dover & Canterbury


Today I woke at the ungodly hour of 7:30 (having gotten home at 4 in the morning eek) to make good of my social programme trip to Dover and Canterbury. It poured ALL DAY 😦 And the winds were so bad that they ended up closing Dover Castle (a fortified structure. Doesn’t make sense to me either) so I only got really rainy pictures of the outside. Whatevs. Hopefully they will reimburse us.

London Day Trip: Hampton Court Palace


9am-5pm class today with no lunch = EXHAUSTING. But we got to take an adventure to Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace in Surrey (HP lived in Surrey! ahem), which had the loveliest gardens. And some kingly architecture.

The front of the palace.

The great hall, I think.

Some staircase. Some really pretty staircase. Some good painting.

One of the courtyards.

And the backyard gardens. Some in French style.

And some in English style, which is always the prettiest.

Outside we caught a sighting of King Henry VIII himself!

Before we left, we walked through the Palace Maze!

After I came home, I really did nothing more than buy groceries and sit around the room eating what I bought. Digestives: 1, Lindsey: 0. ALSO, today I got my Student Oyster Card. FINALLY. So after paying the £205, I will now be able to travel as many times on the Tube as I want in Zones 1&2. Which meansssss….. a trip to King’s Cross VERY SOON. To see Platform 9 3/4. Which will begin my long and arduous journey into touring as many as-made-famous-by-Harry-Potter locations as possible. AM TRULY PSYCHED.

Windsor Castle & Eton


I dropped my camera today, and now it does not work. Needless to say, it put a damper on my touring day of Windsor Castle and Eton. But after getting over the shock and panic of it all, I decided that only one thing can be done. So I’m taking it to a Sony Centre at High Street Kensington on Monday after class in hopes of getting it repaired. And if not, replaced. This is so dumb.

But lovely Melissa had an extra camera with her at Windsor (imagine the luck) and I was able to get pictures online!

So today I went to Windsor Castle and Eton, which were both so beautiful. The weather was, shockingly, sunny and bright and pretty much perfect again, just like our boat cruise day. So we arrived at Windsor.

And it was beautiful. (picture off of Melissa’s expensive camera)

We were able to get in early enough to watch the changing of the guard, which was all yelling and stomping of feet and marching and pomp. And furry hats!

I really like their uniforms. This guy didn’t know what to do with his eyes, they were swirling around so fast, I think, trying to avoid eye contact.

So afterwards we toured the castle, which was full of rooms bigger than my house complete with marble statues, portraits, coats of arms, gold-flaked ceilings, and very expensive and extravagant-looking furniture.

We also looked into Queen Mary’s dollhouse, which stood about 5 feet high complete with basements, intricate details, and even miniatures of famous paintings of the family painted by the original artists. I felt like a ten-year-old princess, rich enough to appreciate it but young enough to want to play.

After touring the inside, we stumbled upon one of the courtyards, which looked like it belonged inside a brochure.


Once we pretty much covered everything, Melissa and I wandered off and decided to have a photoshoot along the outside wall!

Then we took the bridge over the Thames to get to Eton which, I think, has been the most beautiful part of the trip so far. Everything was lush and old and quiet.

(I have a LOT more of the campus and the greenery, obviously I can’t fit them all on here. But take my word for it—they are equally as gorgeous)

The term for the boys starts next week so the school is currently closed. But considering the fact that I’ve simply waited 21 years of my life to get there, I thought I deserved something better. So I broke some of the rules.


Sneaking is stressful!

We snuck into the back where we discovered a lot of residences and offices and cottages which led to the backyards where sporting took place. The view on our way to College Park.

And in the park.

Where men were playing cricket!

There and back again.

It was a lot of walking, but a trip well worth it.