At the end of Loch Ness


I really can’t believe I have internet access right now. The day has been kind of a whirlwind of TRAVEL and STUFF. The two big words in my vocabulary. I took a 12.5 hour bus ride through the night to Edinburgh, where I sprinted to my tour group only to arrive early enough to grab a hot chocolate and spruce up. WHOO. Then I met this girl named Alex and we hung out seeing castles and glens and OH MY GOD. Scotland has the most gorgeous landscape I have ever seen. The Highlands? God yes.

I’ve been inside the roofless wonder of Dunkeld Cathedral.

I’ve trodden on the infamous Culloden Battlefield where so many have died.

I’ve eaten at the Tipsy Laird in Kingussie before breezing past Inverness.

I’ve dipped my fingers in and tempted the creatures of Loch Ness.


I’ve broken the law to take great pictures of Urquhart Castle.

And then I came to the most amazing hostel ever. Paid a fortune, but the live Scottish music and food and bar and PEOPLE here are unbelievable. Did not participate in the whisky tasting, but only because I needed to (along with around 10 other people) cozy up with new friends to watch Braveheart WHILE IN SCOTLAND. Will be going to William Wallace’s country on Sunday. THAT was my day, quite briefly, and now must depart.

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