London Day Trip: Hampton Court Palace


9am-5pm class today with no lunch = EXHAUSTING. But we got to take an adventure to Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace in Surrey (HP lived in Surrey! ahem), which had the loveliest gardens. And some kingly architecture.

The front of the palace.

The great hall, I think.

Some staircase. Some really pretty staircase. Some good painting.

One of the courtyards.

And the backyard gardens. Some in French style.

And some in English style, which is always the prettiest.

Outside we caught a sighting of King Henry VIII himself!

Before we left, we walked through the Palace Maze!

After I came home, I really did nothing more than buy groceries and sit around the room eating what I bought. Digestives: 1, Lindsey: 0. ALSO, today I got my Student Oyster Card. FINALLY. So after paying the £205, I will now be able to travel as many times on the Tube as I want in Zones 1&2. Which meansssss….. a trip to King’s Cross VERY SOON. To see Platform 9 3/4. Which will begin my long and arduous journey into touring as many as-made-famous-by-Harry-Potter locations as possible. AM TRULY PSYCHED.

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