Updated To-Do

Lists, London

– pictures of Parliament at night
– drink a good pint at a historic English pub
– shop at Harrods
– ride on top of a double decker bus
– take a photo inside a red phonebooth
– stumble on a genuine Banksy
– stand on Platform 9 3/4
– attend a Westminster morning service
– take a picture with a palace guard
– Trafalgar Square
– Portobello Road
– Hampton Court Palace
– St. Paul’s Cathedral
– visit Liverpool
– ride in a black cab
– pay for the London Eye
– people-watch on the Tube
– find Gringott’s/Ministry of Magic phonebooth/Leaky Cauldron
– walk on the Millennium Bridge
– walk the Yorkshire countryside
– get caught in the English rain
– buy a Lindsay scarf
– run across Westminster bridge during the day
– run across Westminster bridge at night
– eat bangers & mash
– drink Primm
– visit Tate Modern
– tour Parliament

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